Sunday afternoon I set up an all white angelic backdrop display in the Ministry Center of the church I attend. 

I was preparing to take Dance Ministry portraits of about 50 dancers that perform twice a year during church services at Otterbein Church and Ministry Center in Wayesnboro, Pa. 

Penny Bach is the Dance instructor and teaches these kids more then an average dance teacher because she also teaches matters of the heart and Gods promises. 

This is how Penny describes the Dance Ministry

The dance ministry exists to teach children and youth how to use the gift of dance to praise and worship their creator.  We also focus on who we are in Christ by celebrating each dancer throughout the year with a fun activity called "Big Cheese."  During this activity, I ask the chosen dancer specific questions about how God has made them special and unique.  We then sing a song together celebrating how special God made them.

Dancers gather around the "Big Cheese"

Dancers gather around the "Big Cheese"

 I believe this dance ministry also helps the kids to not focus so much on who they are, but who God is and how they are completely made perfect through Him.

I honestly can’t imagine teaching dance without God being our main focus!
Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 2.30.24 PM.png
Screen Shot 2017-03-16 at 2.30.43 PM.png
-Images from the Dance Ministry Facebook

-Images from the Dance Ministry Facebook

My own daughter has been fortunate enough to be part of the Dance Ministry Team since the first year it started up at our church and has been dancing now for about 5 years.  I love what this program and Penny offers her and the other children. 

Now to share a few dance portraits from the weekend! 

If you live local to Wayensboro, Pa and don't have a church home or would like to visit a service go to their website for directions and service times. Otterbein Church and Ministry Center