I'm all about making my clients happy so when my clients son wanted to "remake" a childhood photo into present day I made it happen. 

I had seen these types of remakes on pintrest and facebook feeds. "I would like to recreate this" he said. I knew I could make it happen and we all had a good laugh while looking at the picture he brought up on his phone. 


Had we prepped this before hand we would have matched clothing as best as we could but we still had some fun setting this up impromptu.

The not so funny part was that the image on the left was the last time this family had professional portraits taken. So I was extremely happy to have them in my Smithsburg Studio while all the (now grown kids) were in town.

Hagerstown photographer, depiction portraits

I just love the color tones the family chose for their pictures.

Frederick Maryland photographer, Depiction Portraits

I know these family portraits will be cherished for years to come and even generations. Mom and Dad almost weren't going to be in the pictures and were thinking just to get some photos of the kids but luckily they changed their minds because these are priceless for their kids to have as well. 

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Honestly I love everything about these family photos and I am so honored to have captured this time for them. I hope to create beautiful portraits for them again when they choose.

If you need to update your family pictures please get in contact with me and we can plan your session together!