When does a newborn become a baby?  Or is there such a thing? 

What is common to say I wonder, I always say newborn but after about 6 weeks I think baby would sound right. 

Some people don't use the word newborn as much and so I think sometimes its just a word I use in my profession?

Well in any case check out these adorable NEWBORN portraits of sweet little Avery

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Avery was such an angel to work with as were her parents. I was welcomed into their home for this photo shoot.  Dad was very helpful with bringing in all the things I needed for the session. Babies sure to require a lot of stuff :)

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I love her cute cheeks and pouty lips here. A Classic portrait in all white will definitely be a keepsake for years. 

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This cute little bed is very versatile so you will often see me using it in unique ways. Avery looks very cozy here in her soft bed. 

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It is very fun for me to have the ability to work with my little clients. I love calming them and nestling them into the sweetest little poses. I always take a gentle approach and focus on the details all the way down to the littlest finger. 

best baby photographer Hagerstown MD. Baltimore Oriel baby

Here pictured is the newest Baltimore Oriole Fan.  Little bird and hat were Avery's because she has already started her collection so she can follow suit with her Oriole fan parents. 

mom and baby best first pictures, Frederick MD photographer

speaking of parents here is mom with her new bundle. Avery fits so well in her arms, of course because she is so small and will only be for a short time. I love capturing these moments for parents because in just a few weeks this portrait wouldn't be possible. 

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Completing the portrait process of course means selecting pictures to highlight in your home. I help you choose products that will bring you joy and add a beautiful aesthetic to your home. Looking to have gorgeous pictures hanging in your home lets talk about what you want.